Landscape & Seascape

Objective: To conserve and enhance the natural beauty and special landscapes of the AONB

The exceptional landscape and seascape of the North Devon coast is the main reason why it was designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1960 and defined as Heritage Coast in 1990 for Hartland and 1992 for North Devon. To assist in the management of this valuable landscape several Landscape Character Assessments have been undertaken at different levels and scales which can be viewed as maps on the DCC Environment Viewer landscape section at These Assessments provide an objective appraisal of what special features and qualities make the landscape valuable and worthy of conservation. This is important to help understand the potential impact of onshore and offshore development and to inform planning decisions. These Assessments look at the pressures and forces for change acting on the landscape and others provide a strategy of how to protect, manage and plan the area to keep it special

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Landscape and Seascape indicators - State of the AONB 2014 - 2018

North Devon Landscape Pioneer 

Landscape Character Assessment


The process of Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) describes the characteristic patterns and features of our countryside and explains how an area has developed over time. The methodology undertaken for the LCA undertaken in Devon has comprised of 3 individual studies which broadly identify areas with similar character which are Land Description Units, Landscape Character Types and finally Landscape Character Areas