Looking at Coastal Change

Building on the success of a recent awareness raising project by Beaford Arts, which was supported by our Sustainable Development Fund, the AONB Project Officer Dave Edgcombe has continued to give talks to the local community which looks at coastal change within the AONB.
Using archive images from a variety of sources, including the Beaford Arts Old Archive, the Francis Frith photographic collection and old photographs held in Museum collections, the AONB team have been looking at how the landscape has changed from the early 20th Century right up to the present day.
Dave’s experience, love of photography and local knowledge has meant that he has been able to return to the exact spot where the original photos were taken, to provide a unique record of how the landscapes have changed.
The archive material has also includes images taken by resident Beaford Arts photographer James Ravilious in the 1970’s and 1980’s. These images were taken since the AONB was designated and so any landscape and wildlife changes noted have occurred since AONB designation (1960).
The talks examine how the coastline has changed over the years, looking at the effect of development, coastal erosion and changes in land management practices and trys to explain how these changes have occurred. All this is delivered with a smattering of historical facts and figures.
Any community group wishing to have such a talk should contact the AONB or email us at dave.edgcombe@devon.gov.uk