Coastal Heritage

In the remote and undeveloped parts of the North Devon Coast AONB many heritage features can still be seen, whether from ancient times or more recent historical events.Volunteers at Hillsborough hillfort
These range from ancient monuments, such as prehistoric standing stones and Iron Age hillforts, to medieval landscape features, listed buildings and World War II remains.
However, much of this heritage is at risk from environmental impacts, lack of official protection and  lack of public awareness. 
To help you discover our coastal heritage we have produced a number of free guides and walks leaflets which can be downloaded here;

 You can also find out more about the various work streams of this project by clicking on the links below;

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Iron Age

Find out about the Iron Age remains within the North Devon Coast AONB

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World War 2

Learn about the role North Devon played in WW2

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Learning Resources

Discover the Iron-Age in the North Devon Coast AONB with our interactive educational resources designed for primary school aged children

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Monument Management Scheme

Learn more about this Historic England grant which helps management of Scheduled Monuments

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