Farming & Land Management

Policy: To ensure the North Devon Coast AONB continues to support sustainable farming that conserves and enhances the natural beauty of the AONB whilst supporting the local economy

The North Devon Coast AONB is a farmed landscape created through centuries of farming traditions and policy. Farming contributes not only to food production but also to the management of natural resources, providing employment and a range of activities in the rural economy.

Farming and land management activities impact on both the landscape and biodiversity in an agricultural area such as North Devon. Over 80% of the North Devon Coast AONB area is agricultural land, most of which is managed by private landowners. Significant landowners within the AONB include National Trust, the Stucley Estate at Hartland, the Christie Devon Estate at Braunton and the Clovelly Estate. A tenth of the AONB is covered by woodland with around a third of this in positive management. Renewable energy installations such as wind turbines and solar farms have become an increasing feature of the landscape, both within and along the boundary of the AONB.

A number of organisations provide advice and guidance to farmers and landowners reflecting the priorities of international, European and national legislation or programmes. The AONB team work in partnership with Natural England, the Environment Agency, Forestry Commission and organisations such as the Biosphere Reserve, Devon Wildlife Trust, Westcountry Rivers Trust, the RSPB and others to improve biodiversity and conserve the landscape through working with land managers.

State of the AONB 2014 - 2018 - Farming and Land Management indicators




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