Coastal Heritage

      North Devon Coastal Heritage

Partners:         North Devon Coast AONB, North Devon Archaeological Society, National Trust, North Devon Museum Development Officer, Hartland Parish Council

Funding:         Heritage Lottery Fund, North Devon Coast AONB, National Trust, Torridge District Council and the North Devon Archaeological Society 

Timescale:      July 2018 – September 2020

 North Devon Coastal Heritage will better reveal the heritage features from farming, warfare, defence and trade. The remote coastal and undeveloped nature of these Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty means that many heritage features can still be seen today, whether from ancient times (scheduled monuments, medieval farming and hill fort features) or more recent historical events (WW2 and Cold War structures). A new Heritage Officer will work with local communities, schools, museums and partners through volunteering, learning, researching and practical archaeology to better understand and enjoy their heritage. A particular focus will be hillforts and World War 2 heritage.

Much of the AONB's heritage is at risk from environmental impacts, lack of official protection and/or lack of public awareness. To address these risks the project will:

  • lead practical conservation work with volunteers to maintain 15 heritage sites
  • train volunteers to identify, record and assess the condition of their heritage
  • create interpretation materials for trails, museums and commemorative events to reach new audiences
  • support community-led activities in the Hartland area, focussed on the ‘history that matters to them’
  • lead on practical archaeological activities
  • produce resources for local schools
  • support 75th Commemorations of D-Day in North Devon - Click here for full list of events 
  • organise heritage talks and walks
  • produce publications and reports on project activities
  • provide work experience for students 

 For Coastal Heritage events click here. If you want to get involved or find out more Email or Tel 01271 388644. Find us on Facebook & Twitter @explorethecoast